By: MEsensation

Through the torture and despair

she wonders

would anyone even care

she relives

the horror and terror

she froze

as she lay there feeling bare

she prayed

that his actions could be deterred

she asks

where was God to save her

she knows

there was nothing she could do

she wishes

it was something that she could undo

she remembers

all the sorrow

she felt

like she wouldn’t be able to make it thru to tomorrow

she wanted

everything in that moment to disappear

she withheld

the uncontrollable fear

she hoped

he would see her tears

she cried

as he stole something very special from inside

she regretted

ever having met him

she assumed

people had good intentions within them

she doubted

anything bad would happen

she believed

that she was safe from harm

she forgot

you can’t put anything past anyone.


My Valentine


As our minds connect

Our hearts become one.

Feelings of bliss arise

As my hearts becomes undone.

As I am caught in an abyss

Filled with happiness.

I can say that I have found love.

You are my best friend, my confidant,

And my lover all in one.

We’ve had our ups and several downs

But still we rose above.

They say love conquers all

and with you I feel I’ve won.

Peace and happiness were the prize.

I love you so much

And I am so grateful you are my valentine.

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