Flying Solo

Life after high school: responsibilities, work, struggle, independence. I've experienced them all, but forgot to add appreciation to the list. After reading my post I hope you won't make the same mistake I did, if you haven't already! 🙂

Chasing Hope Part One

Love, betrayal, and deceit Jay and Hope undergo all three in this short story mini series. Read to find out exactly what happens in this short romance thriller. Warning explicit content included.

Situationship Suckers

Too many games, and too many lies…  They told you they loved you and didn’t show it one too many times. Now a days a people are perfectly okay with situationships. They aren't really together with the person they want to be with, but they aren't really available for anyone else either. I personally never... Continue Reading →

Break down.

By: Marshala Eady All the pain in my heart poisons my mind cripples my emotions and captures my pride I want to cry for help but instead I keep it all inside locked away with a key bottling up all the hurt others have inflicted on me the wicked thoughts alone come back to haunt... Continue Reading →

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