Situationship Suckers

Too many games, and too many lies…  They told you they loved you and didn’t show it one too many times. Now a days a people are perfectly okay with situationships. They aren't really together with the person they want to be with, but they aren't really available for anyone else either. I personally never... Continue Reading →

Break down.

By: Marshala Eady All the pain in my heart poisons my mind cripples my emotions and captures my pride I want to cry for help but instead I keep it all inside locked away with a key bottling up all the hurt others have inflicted on me the wicked thoughts alone come back to haunt... Continue Reading →


This is for all the women who have ever been taken advantage of or sexually abused and never told a soul, or if you have and your voice wasn't heard. Just know I hear you, and I understand.

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