New Year, New Beginnings


Life in a new city……..better yet, life in a new state. It’s crazy to think that a little over a year ago I was only thinking about following my dreams, and actualizing my future plans. The even crazier part is while doing that I realized that the dreams that I thought were MY dreams weren’t truly my dreams at all. Over the past 7 months in this new state I’ve come to realize that my old “dreams” were get rich quick schemes that did not satisfy my wants, needs, and internal desire to do what I am 100%  passionate about. Those kinds of dreams were greedy. The kind of dreams that consumed my values, time, and self for breakfast lunch and dinner. They took me to a low I didn’t know existed. I was uninspired, unmotivated, and confused. I was as lost as lost could be, until it hit me. After 2 years of adulting it finally freaking hit me. I FINALLY GOT A GRIP ON WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY  LIFE! Isn’t that freaking exciting! I have a passion! What a concept? I, as in ME, figured out the one thing I’ve consistently been passionate about, and how I can have a career in it. Not a hobby, or extracurricular activity. Say it with me now, C-A-R-E-E-R.

Failure breeds success. In hindsight I didn’t quite “fail” at the occupation I set my mind on doing once I moved, cause I was quite good at it, but it didn’t match my plan for success so in that sense it was a failure. So I had to switch things up. This year my goal is to fail until the only option left is success. I am getting all my plans into motion, and not losing sight of myself or my true dreams in the process. I always feel like a basic ass bitch for even thinking of the term “new year, new me” so im putting a little flavaish twist on it and claiming this year as my new beginning! Although that dont got too much flava to it, my life will be the flava cause im finna spice this bitch up! Im coming into 2018 FIFTY pounds lighter and counting, 1000 times brighter, unexplainably happier, and more in love than ever. Yall cant tell me SQUAT!

I’ve done a lot of soul searching these past few months. I had to get my shit together, in layman’s terms. I had to leave my old style of thinking, doing, and living behind me. You cannot get whats meant for you 10 steps ahead if you are not moving forward. So all of 2018 in the words of the amazingly talented and successful Will Smith I am “failing forward”. Even if people don’t see my vision the way I see it, I will keep failing forward. Even if people dont agree with what I plan to do, I will keep failing forward. Even if the only supporter I have is myself, I will keep failing forward until the only option left is success. I allowed the lack of comfort in my life these last few months hinder me from doing things I love. For example writing, and art, and being my best creative self. I lost sight of all those things as I lost sight of my comfort. Comfort zones are what keeps us in the same position. If you want more for yourself, step outside of your damn comfort zone. Be your freest form of self. Allow yourself the chance to try new things to hopefully get new results to achieve the goals and dreams you couldn’t reach being inside your comfort zone. Embrace discomfort and failure. These are the two best things you can do in life in order to achieve the biggest dreams you have. 

So….This year I am embracing being uncomfortable and failing so that I can achieve the things I want most in this life. This year Im starting a new trend in being as uncomfortable as possible in hopes to fail early and forward to reach success. Like I said its time to spice this bitch called life up! I highly encourage all of you who read this to join me. Get on the winning team. Because amidst all the failures to come we will end up on top in the end. Im ready to let my life begin at the end of my comfort zone, are you?What will you do to step outside of your comfort zone to reach your dreams of success? LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR RESPONSE BELOW!


I am looking forward to glowing and growing with everyone! Its 2018 #LETSGETIT


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