“People die at 21 and live till they are 71 because they have given up on their dreams/goals”

Everyone has a why, whether it be financial success, supporting a family, a pet, or  maintaining a good reputation. There is something that drives us to be who we are, and do the things we do. Whether you think so or not there is an underlying factor within all of us whether it is expressed or kept internally that gives us that extra ounce of go juice to accomplish our goals and live our lives the way we do. That factor is something I like to call the why factor. Why do I go to the gym? Why do I read daily? Why do I write in this blog ? Why do I love as hard as I can regardless of how many times I have been let down in doing so? Why do I sell cars for a living? Why did I pick up my life and move to Arizona ? Why do I pray every day, and thank God for all he is and does? Why do I want to be financially free? Why do I have so many goals I am actively working towards? I have sat and thought long and hard as to what my why factor is. The truth of the matter is that for a long time I didn’t exactly know. Even now that I have come up with an answer to all the above questions its still hard to say whether or not my answer will be the same in one month, one year, or even ten years from now, and that is perfectly okay. We as humans are naturally evolving creatures and so change is okay.

Im sure by now you might be thinking: “well what the hell is your why factor then”. Well boy do I have an answer for you. *flashes sly smile* I mean its really not all that complex. My why factor at this point in my life is my parents. Don’t get me wrong the rest of my family matters too, but there are several reasons why my parents trump all. If you want to stick with me as I get into the sweet deets (short hand slang term for details) you will find out exactly why my parents are my why. Growing up I had a pretty good life, my parents did all they could to ensure I didn’t have a bad life growing up. My dad showed me the blessing that comes from sports, and my mom showed me the blessing that comes from handwork and being a genuine human being. Behind all they had to show me I seen and knew more than they’d ever know. I know at one point my parents had dreams, and goals to accomplish but as the years went by I watched them dwindle away. I also know that financially we weren’t always in the best place, and that it impacted more than just whether we would have lights on or running water. The struggle is where my why comes from. Its not my own personal struggle that drives me, but the struggles my parents endured in order to ensure I did not have to.

The reason I work so hard to not have to worry financially is because I know the negative impact that financial struggle can have on ones dreams, goals, life, happiness. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The reason I continually pursue the things I am passionate about is because I never want to regret not following my dreams no matter the circumstances; kids, heartbreak, none of that will deter me from my path. I want to be successful to show my family that their dreams are achievable no matter what route you decide to take to achieve them. Hell I dropped out of college. No matter what you think is best for you just know they are attainable. Anything you desire you can have if you believe you can, and then put in the work! My parents have unknowingly instilled in me at a young age to unapologetically go after everything and anything I want and more. I know that the life they provided for me and my siblings was not they life they imagined themselves living. Im sure their dreams were put on the back burner decades ago, and they have never resurfaced since. Its never to late to make your dreams a reality. My hope is to inspire others to see that their dreams matter still. Especially to inspire those I love dearly. So, to the two people who have given up their dreams so I can chase mine, THANK YOU. I won’t stop until I can repay you in more ways than one.

Discussion Questions:

1. What is your why factor?

2. What are your dreams? Are you trying to achieve them?

3. Have you given up on your dreams? If so, why?

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