Flying Solo

2,351 miles later I am finally free at last. I’ve made it to my new home in Arizona, leaving my Alaskan life behind. Growing up I have always longed for independence. Not wanting to be told what to do, being able to do what I want when I want, and never did I stop to realize the luxury of being taken care of. My parents were not the richest but they always made a way for my family and I. I had it so easy back in the day. I just went to school for free, played basketball, did mine and others homework for money (I was always about them coins), ate free food, and lived rent free.

About a year after graduating high school my itch for independence was becoming un-scratchable, until I decided to finally move out of my parents house. In other words once I decided to leave the nest I reached my independence goal. I paid my bills (sometimes with my parents help when I didn’t have enough to get by), and I fed myself aside from all the trips I’ve made back to the nest to have a FREE home cooked meal. Mama’s cooking is the best out! Plus paying for my own food, who the heck wants to do that!? I know my cheap ass sure didn’t. But as time went on, I didn’t feel the need to visit so often, or even rely on a free meal because I could afford my own food without having to travel the few minutes it took to get to my family’s house. I didn’t realize/appreciate enough how great it was to be so close to the people I love. In a nutshell I took it for granted.

Two years after graduation later here I am, living in a brand new state thousands of miles away from the nest. Now the only option I have to visit is literally to fly all the way back. No mom, no dad, no siblings, just me and my crazy thoughts that keep me company  in the wee hours of the night. I guess the moral of this post is to let others know not to make the same mistake I did. Don’t take for granted the time you have to be young and taken care of. Enjoy every minute you get to spend with your family, and if you live close visit often. When it comes time for you to truly fly solo, you don’t want to feel as if you missed out on the moments that could’ve been shared more often with the people who love you most.

Don’t get me wrong independence is great I feel as if I am finally starting to reach my full potential and that I am steps closer to living my dreams, but if I could do it over again I would spend more time with my family while I had them really close by. Only the Lord knows when the next time I will be able to afford to see them again. So thanks Mom and Dad for instilling in me all I needed to be able to do life on my own, and for still standing by me as I continue to figure out how to do that. I hope I am making you proud! Of course I decided to learn the hard way that adulting is not all its cracked up to be. Responsibilities SUCK!

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