Chasing Hope Part One

A Short Story

By: Marshala Eady


Hope. Hope is something we all have. My neighbor, John, has hope that he will win the lotto one of these days. My coworker, Cat, has hope that she will have twins and marry a rich man (I am not entirely sure if that’s the order in which she hopes it to happen but to each their own). My best friend’s wife, Heather, has hope that her mother who was told that she only has three months to live will get to see her newborn grandbaby turn three. My brother, Mike, has hope that he can win a second chance with the girl of his dreams. Hope was not the same for me as it was for everyone else. My Hope was different. My Hope could smile and brighten up an entire building. My Hope has the voice of an angel, and a heart as pure as gold. My Hope has the softest lips, curliest light brown hair, brightest glowing gray eyes, and the smoothest chestnut colored skin. My Hope is everything I dreamed of, she is my whole world. Then one day, my world stopped spinning because on that day my Hope was taken from me. It was the night of our fourth wedding anniversary. It was also the night everything about my life was going to change. Ever since that night, things were never the same.


I could barely make out the sounds of the policemen’s voices as they cased the room my love and I shared to celebrate our fourth anniversary, for clues. My ears were ringing from being banged around and beaten by 3 men in all black jumpsuits. At least I think there were about 3 men. I needed medical attention. Why wasn’t the ambulance here yet? The police were trying to ask me questions but I was too lost in my own thoughts to really register that they were talking to me. Why did they choose us? How did they know who we were, and where we lived? I tried to think of all the reasons, if any, as to why anyone would want to steal my Hope and murder me. Who would want to hurt her, and leave me for dead? Luckily, I played dead as they assaulted me to trick them into thinking I was done for. Had I not done that I wouldn’t be alive right now. Suddenly everything became hazy, interrupting my thoughts as the room began to spin, or was I spinning? I grabbed my head before passing out cold.

I slowly began to kiss each little french tipped toe. I was gonna have Hope for dessert after the amazing meal we shared at Pappadeaux. From there I slowly worked my way from her feet, up her calves, and from there I began to trace her inner thigh with the tip of my tongue. She was always so sweet. Watching her squirm from pleasure pulsated my growing shaft. Continuing my journey I worked my way up to her large succulent double D breasts. Capturing her left nipple in my mouth, she began to moan from the pleasure and gripped the back of my head. I played with her clit as I continued my tongue assault on her breasts and neck. She was completely at my mercy. I slowly slipped a finger in to feel her now dripping wet, ready as ever to indulge all of me. “Are you ready for me baby?” I asked in a hazy voice looking her deep in her eyes. She barely panted out a “ Yes Daddy”. I hurriedly spread her legs apart and then began to enter her slowly. I felt her walls part to accept every inch of me, she screamed out in pleasure as I began to pump in and out of her slow but hard. She was mine and I never missed a chance to remind her. She came under me numerous times, each one becoming more intense. In seeing how good she was feeling I gradually increased my pace all while hitting her spot bringing her to complete ecstasy. She was moaning and screaming my name over and over. I made her cum for me once more before I allowed myself to pour all my love into her. Four years with this amazing woman, sometimes it still feels like a dream. “Happy anniversary baby” I uttered right before we fell asleep intertwined in each other’s arms.
“Mr. Johnson” I heard a soft angelic voice say almost waking me from my slumber.
*Bang, bang, bang* The door was kicked in, and all of a sudden Hope was pulled from my arms, and I was yanked off the bed. A blow came straight to my face, and I couldn’t open my eyes because they kept coming. I could feel my face swelling up with every blow. There must have been at least two to three people in our room. Ugh, why couldnt I see. The kicks and punches kept coming. I could feel the life being beaten out of me as I lay there curled up in a ball. Then out of nowhere the assailant or assailants shook me violently. A light came over me I thought this was it and then my eyes were opened.
“Ahhh, there you are . Good morning Jay. I am Dr. Bryant. It’s good to see that you are conscious, for a minute there we thought you were going into a state of shock as you started to seize slightly. You must have just been stuck in a deep sleep and having a bad dream. You almost fell off the bed there. I had to hold you down.”

Reliving the horror that took place last night thru a dream, was it all a dream? I looked at the woman standing before me as she spoke trying to determine whether I was still dreaming, or if this was my horrible reality. I wasn’t really hearing her, I just nodded my head when appropriate until she finally left my room. Feeling instant relief I took a deep breath. Instantly an annoyed sigh followed as a detective walked in right after she had walked out. He questioned me, asking if I could recall any details, but the only thing I really remember is three dark shadows, and my Hope being ripped from my arms. I was beaten pretty bad to have ended up in the hospital. The last thing I remember hearing before surprisingly waking up at the scene is a voice-muffling “ Now that the mother fucker is dead, we can live happily ever after.” Who’s going to live happily ever after? It damn sure didn’t seem like it was going to be me. I’m going to find my Hope. There are so many missing pieces to this puzzle and I will not stop looking until I find them all.



  1. With no context to the background of the main character, Jay Johnson, who do you think took Hope and tried to kill him? (BE CREATIVE)
  2. How do you see the story playing out? Will he find Hope, or not?
  3. In your opinion, were there truly 3 assailants, or 2?
  4. Did you enjoy the first part of the story?
  5. How would you like part two to go?

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