Break down.

By: Marshala Eady

All the pain in my heart poisons my mind cripples my emotions and captures my pride I want to cry for help but instead I keep it all inside locked away with a key bottling up all the hurt others have inflicted on me the wicked thoughts alone come back to haunt me in my sleep they shake me out of my dreams the shit cuts so deep sometimes I wanna break down and scream no one knows how bad it can be they talk a big game like I shouldn’t feel no kind of misery that’s what I get and I’m supposed to be okay with losing apart of me they didn’t experience the betrayal of their own voice from a beast in and out I couldn’t breathe hell I couldn’t even speak I just froze at the wrong time I was as still as a tree tears streamed down my face wishing I could’ve been in a safer place a place where I wouldn’t feel ashamed looking at my own face for a long time I wasn’t me I didn’t know who to be it’s hard to be yourself when someone steals apart of your identity you live and you learn sometimes in life you get burned it takes eminent strength to bounce back and stand tall thru the hurt God has a bigger plan baby girl you will get what you deserve.

Copyright © 2017 MEsensation

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